Chakras, chanting and music

October 29, 2010

My 5th chakra. I felt like it was being pushed, prodded and exercised all weekend. Luckily, I don’t have any bruises or soreness. Hehe! On Friday, it was wonderful to jump in ready or not, and get my first case of nervies out out of the way. When I used to sing on stage, I had butterflies, but I was so happy to be up there leading worship songs. It wasn’t about me then either, it was about singing praises to God. Im so proud of myself and all the rest who, even though we were given the “pass” option, went and jumped right in. It was freaking scary to be honest. I kept feeling my throat closing, and having all these worries that i wasnt going to remember anything. And then standing up there, i felt a little better, but i sounded Like a little mouse in the corner….thats something i mentioned feeling like, but it was more about my voice being mousy really….and the strange entrapment I found myself in when I thought of moving around. I really did feel small. But, I so appreciated all the sweet comments and encouragement from my fellow yoginis.
Then, all the laughter we were caught up in during this weekend in training was absolutely delightful. So much love, and positive energy.
To top it off, on Saturday I got the wonderful surprise that some of my friends, who are in an amazing group called Alma Desnuda, were coming up last minute to play at some of the local coffee shops here in Sac. After our Sunday class of dancing and chanting, I was so laced with musical juice and then I was able to go watch my friends rock the house with their conscious lyrics and beautiful voices. I got to talk with them about playing a song with me for my wedding next June. I have always imagined singing a song for my new husband for our wedding. Anyways, it was surely a harmonious weekend, and I think my 5th chakra was lovingly tuned. All of this has made me even more in love with the music I have been listening to. Along with the chill in the air, the changing of leaves, and the wonderful comfort I find in my cozy gloves, I have been caught up in a music affair. Each song, I feel the emotion, the love, the fear, the stories unfloding in my heart, and its creating a lot of restlessness of my inner musician. I LOVE it! The other day it was so strong, I was walking down the street, and I was overcome by a song. I shouted “WOOOHOOO”, just to feel the sensation. So that’s what’s lingering.


Intentional Bowing

October 9, 2010

I feel like this would be a beautiful 6th/7th Chakra poem for Child’s Pose. Last night we had our last Chakra workshop with the lovely Madeline. 😦 It was silly, full of tails and tales, opening up, and candles. For my 5th Chakra came a bit of poetic inspiration even before the class. My last post was about wanting to include more poetry in my day, and low and behold it happened to be very 5th Chakra. Here is the except from the Veda’s that I was guided to this morning, and I though it was perfect for a Child’s Pose focusing on intention, and on giving attention to one’s higher self.

O Lord, thou art on the sandbank

As well as in the midst of the current;

I bow to thee

Thou art in the little pebbles

As well as in the calm expanse of the sea;

I bow to thee

O all-pervading Lord,

Thou art in the barren soil

And in the crowded places; I bow to thee

-from Veda XVI

“As you make your metaphorical bow to this power, recognize the you’re bowing to yourself. The all-pervading energy of intention pulses through you toward your potential for a purposeful life” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer