Inner Excavations

January 22, 2011

I just bought this great book that I want to share with anyone who has numerous aspirations, like myself, and have ever hoped to tie some of them together. The book Inner Excavations- Exploring yourslef through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media by Liz Lamoreux was suggested on one of my favorite podcasts, Tranquility Di’Jour (previously know as “Hip Tranquil Chick”). In my quest for expressing my creativity, this book is a great resource that uses creative sparks to ignite the artistic candle in my daily life.

My first excavation has been to begin taking photos once a week of a typical day. The point of this exercise was to really look at the beauty that surrounds me, and find them in my photography.

The second idea I got from the book, that I am totally keeping forever, is making a Word Toolbox. I found a skinny notebook, and began writing words that jumped out at me while I was reading. I have always thought about doing this kind of thing, and it’s funny to me that I am now doing it because someone else suggested it.

These were my daily pics..


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