Trust the Process

December 18, 2010

After Day 1 of our last 3 days of Teacher Training, a quiet voice inside is saying these words to me. Don’t hurry! Trust the Process! I had taken this photo of a card a while back to remind myself then.

During our Group Teach class tonight, I noticed that I wasn’t as scared as I have been preparing to be. What’s funny is I totally messed up and almost repeated one side thinking we hadn’t done it, but we had. I remembered a time when one my teachers did this, and they laughed it off, so I did too, and people smiled. I was ok. I felt human, and I actually made a joke.I was still red in the face, but that was the mildest side effect of teach-fright I have had so far.

I also noticed that I am going to have so much time to prepare before my classes in the future. The classes we have been teaching are put together in a mere 40 minutes, divided up, and we have very little time to prepare before students begin showing up. I can’t imagine doing anything like that in the future, and that is also comforting because I feel like if I can do that, I can do anything.

Ahhh, as I sit here drinking my hot cocoa, I am getting excited about tomorrow. I am sad about this being the end, but I know inside that its really only the beginning.