Ahimsa, Non-violence, and a Dreamer

January 17, 2011

This morning I’m starting on the 2nd packet from my previous teacher training. I re-read the first article on Ahimsa which is the first yama, or observance, in Patanjali’s 8 limb path; it translates to mean nonviolence. Coincidentally, today happens to mark the birth of a very important advocate of peace over violence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Last week in my Pre-K class of 4-5 yr. olds we discussed what Dr. King’s dream was, what he went through to make changes in

an educated and peaceful manner, and how his actions greatly affected the country we now live in. I was so refreshed by the reality of how 1 person can really make the world of difference. In my classroom of 4 and 5 years olds, I wanted to impart this concept that each of them holds a bright light, and no matter how dark a room, or situation, they can choose to shine on and chose peace.

So, yesterday I was thinking how appropriate it would be to honor him somehow for the example he set. He had every right to be upset with the system, and chose instead to fight back without violence. He lead people to freedom with his dream for equality with his heart and his voice. So powerful. It reminds me of the many others that have come before us that took the higher road which we can learn from. From these great people, I can find the strength and encouragement to be, live, drive, and speak more peacefully.
To wake up and actually read his name in my skill-pack seemed very serendipitous. These kinds of in-sync moments seem to happen more and more, and I have come to call them ‘Divine winks’. I feel like they are winks from the the Divine that I am on the right path. What a great way to start off the week.

Thank you Dr. King for setting an example for peace and ahimsa for me in my life. Happy Birthday! Peace!


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


“I Have A Dream”


One Response to “Ahimsa, Non-violence, and a Dreamer”

  1. leili Says:

    Isn’t that so nice that we’re reviewing ahimsa again? Surely a divine wink!

    You’re such a wonderful teacher for sharing these lessons with your kids.

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