In a much different place today. The past 2 days at work have been pretty good.  am getting excited about using the Smart Board in my classroom. We got to play with it a little today-it has some bugs with the color, but it was fun. The kids will never utter the word ‘bored’ again.
This week I have been feeling pretty emotional about Paul’s Grandmother who isn’t doing well. I am hoping she is feeling some relief today. I am not ready for her to leave yet, as selfish as that may sound. She has been apart of my life for a mere 4 1/2 years, but she has been such a big part of the holidays, baby showers and weddings, and it wouldn’t be the same without her there. She has an amazing way of passing on traditions from her Danish heritage, and I want to soak it up so we can pass it down when we have children. Every Christmas we all sing carols around the tree in her living room while we hold hands, and after dinner we try to find the almond in the pudding. It has meant a lot to me to have had these traditions introduced to me, as cutesy as they may be. My family has all moved away over the past 6 years so…. I have always been so welcomed and loved by her, and I pray that her journey here isn’t over quite yet.

I want to watch a holiday movie-one where there is snow on the ground, and families are gathering, like that one movie with Sarah Jessica Parker, where she goes with Matthew Broderick to his families house and she falls in love with Luke Wilson. Or something with a twisted love story, like something with Jennifer Anniston. I want to go to the movies- like to Crest, and lazily watch a movie and then lazily walk around downtown and take pictures of the beautiful fall leaves while I sip on something warm and delicious. I want to wrap up in a blanket and read a good book, like Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert. I got that for Christmas last year and have only got into the first chapter. I love her writing style.I love how she makes you really feel like you are in the places she is by highlighting the sweetest, most raw details. I could taste the pasta and gelato when she was in Italy. I could feel the humidity in the air when she was in Bali. Ugh, I love a good book that takes you somewhere else. There’s my nostalgia.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Tonight we are learning about Ayurveda, and I am interested to see how it connects with yoga. I have a few books on Ayurveda and have done the little quiz to see what I am. A couple years ago I was Vata-Pitta. My understanding is that you want to balance all 3 doshas-Vata, Pitta, Kapha. And you use food, times of the day, and seasons, just to name a few to do find this equilibrium.  I also remember that there were certain things that threw certain ones off balance. One of mine had to do with being in loud places with flashing lights. That was supposed to be a bad thing for me. I remember when I was reading into this practice and I was really into going to clubs and bar at the time, and I thought- “well Im probably not giving this up just to balance my dosha, but that’s good to note”. Nowadays I don’t go to places like that all that often, so I probably wont have a problem taking that into better consideration this time around if that holds true.