January 16, 2011

Isn’t it wonderful when a song can transport you somewhere you’ve never been before without leaving the comfort of your home! I am sitting here, without my Paul, he is visiting his grandmother-working on a short document of her story. I am listening to some of the new music I bought and this is one of them that I bookmarked a while back that stays sentimental. I remember I was driving to work, about 5 blocks away from school and I was tearing up to the lyrics “Home, let me come home, home is wherever I am with you…” I love love songs.


Music and Yoga

October 24, 2010

We have come to one of my favorite topics in YTT; using and choosing to have music as apart of your class. I listen to music all day. If I could have a built in stereo that would tune in and enhance every experience I was having, I would. Music is a HUGE part of my life. I love the ways it lifts me up, and can bring me to old places, into new ones, or bring up feelings I have only experienced vicariously through others interpretation.

In class, we discussed the the pros and cons, and what kinds of musical experiences we have had, liked, and disliked. I have always been a huge fan of blending music and yoga. Its like the cherry on top. But we discussed some great considerations. Does music distract? Or does it deepen? Does is take away? Or does it add to the atmosphere and mood? Does it help students relax easier? Or does it give them more to think about? Do we use songs with words? Or songs that are yoga-ish?

The next day upon arriving, instead of the usual silence and shuffling noises of everyone getting settled, we were serenaded into our space. It was really pleasant for me. I found that instead of running through my day thus far, and over thinking the poses I was doing, I was more thinking about loosening up and relaxing on my mat. I was smiling inside and kind of dancing and humming a little. It made me feel happy, and joyful. It was music that I am used to playing at home. Also, I was less worried about what others were thinking or doing, and more focusing on my own experience. I was really in my freestyle practice, and in my own flow. So I would say I really enjoyed it.
When my teacher asked us what we thought, I noticed that it was different from all the quietude of the previous weekends, and I think I had gotten used to that, but it wasn’t bad.
In yoga, it used to really bother me if there wasn’t any music, and I always have music on during my home practice time. Yet lately, I have noticed that I am enjoying the stillness in the morning more and more at home, and have been less concerned when there isn’t music playing. I can’t think of any other place I spend that much time in without music or some kind of noise going on. My life is filled with noise. For Gods sake, at work my kids nap time from 12:30-3:00 and there are 3 different nap time CDs playing simultaneously in the same small building. It drives me crazy. Some of it has words, and some doesn’t. I have tried to help by bringing in Enya, and some Hemi Sync albums that would have better balance, but one teacher insists on have this lullabies cd playing, and it constantly skips. Arghhhhh! I don’t know how the other teachers don’t go crazy. Anyways, I really appreciate knowing that it is something I get to play with in my own classes. I look forward to playing with it, and I hope that I spend the most time working on my sequences. I think music is a such a beautiful experience for the body, and to combine it with yoga seems like a beautiful union.