January 1, 2011

Happy Twenty Eleven!

I don’t think that I am perfect, by any means. I just love Calvin and Hobbs, and this was too good to not put here. Now, know I have already made like a dozen lists of things I want to begin, and things I want to leave behind this past year, but the New Year has come and I have an itch to make another list. I like the idea of a fresh slate. The chance to say to myself, “I haven’t _____ this year!” or “I have _____ every day this year!” gives me some internal motivation, and I know I am not the only one.

Resolutions for me are like a rebirth to the possibility of my truest most vibrant self to shine through, leaving behind silly habits, and allowing my dormant passions to spring to life.

I think that its fair to state some of the wonderful accomplishments I made in 2010 first.

1. I got engaged, set a date, found a location (whew!)

2. I went through Yoga Teacher Training(double whew!)

3. I am on my 2nd year of teaching Pre-K (…)

4. I have a daily home yoga practice

5. I have been blogging regularly since summer

I’m feeling pretty good about all that.

So, now for the Twenty Eleven Resolutions… I have a few

1.  Read a book a month– join a book club

2. Be debt free by August-which means sticking to my budget

3. Teach Yoga in Sacramento-which means I need to practice teaching now, free classes, teach my kids, practice on Paul and friends

4. Become a good photographer-How: watch photography videos with Paul, and take more pictures

5. Every 2 weeks read through, answer unanswered questions, and study the skill packs from YTT again-How: every Saturday morning make a date with a coffee shop, as well as every Wednesday night after work.(2xs a week have a study date) Let Paul know its my study time.

6. Become a better cook/Save time and money-How: Spend time each Sunday to plan menus for the week, get recipes, and go to Farmer’s Market and Trader Joes, then prep for recipes so I can come home after work and make yummy food. Use to help me with healthy, and inexpensive dishes.

7. Live more simply-How: buy less stuff, live off less, do more stuff outdoors, get rid of stuff we don’t use/need, be more conscious of our shopping.

8. Move out of Sacramento and travel-How: Put our stuff in storage, and sell what we don’t need, then buy a plan ticket to another place, and go live on a farm, or go on tour with Alma Desnuda, or move to the Bay Area.

9. Bike to work when its not raining How: Start getting ready for work earlier, and stop making excuses cause I know it will make me feel good.

10. Ban plastic bags and paper towels. Stop using paper towels and bring my own basket/bag whenever I go shopping How: Just don’t buy themUse cloth wipes

11. Keep blogging-How: Use the Prompts from Reverb10 on a daily basis-Be short and sweet!

12. Cut out alcohol How: Drink more tea, juice, sparkly water, water, and GanoExcel

13. Kick myself in the butt-Just do what I need to do, and stop procrastinating-How: Set up appointments, run errands after work, take care of me, find the drive inside and get to it. Make due dates, put them in my phone

14. Make jewelry and put it in stores again: How: Make an artist date once a week to dedicate 1 hour of jewelry design-no excuses


Whew! that’s a lot, but I think I can start. I think one major element to my success is not making excuses and not spending my evenings partaking in alcohol. I am hoping to have more energy, more time, and more creativity. It’s time for a change! So here’s to 2011. May I be rich with motivation and surrounded by inspiration.


Without in 2011

December 18, 2010

By David Plant

Prompt:What can I do without in 2011?

My teacher has been posting these Prompts that are just wonderful little ways to inspire writing. My friend was mentioning this particular prompt in class today and it stuck with me. Usually we are asked what we want for Christmas, and what we want in the New Year, but honestly simplicity is a beautiful thing. This is what I have been pondering. It all seems so normal, but undoubtedly overused in 2010 by me.

My List of the 12 Things I Can Live Without In 2011
1. Negativity
2. Excuses to not do things that are good for me
3. Procrastination- especially thinking I will do it later…I rarely did!
4. Car Trouble
5. Forgetfulness
6. Limiting thoughts/actions/what I think I know
7. Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Headaches
8. Drama at work
9. The need to give advice
10. Confusion
11. Clutter-in my head, in my classroom, in my house
12. Impatience