First Private

January 11, 2011

On Sunday I had the pleasure of teaching my very first 90 minute private class to my dear friend Denise, who is a trained Bowen and Cranial/Sacral Body Work and Massage Therapist. This being Denise’s first yoga class, I had set up a sequence, but I was surprised that I improvised a lot from what I originally wanted to do, yet it seemed natural and seamless. Something I really enjoyed about working in a one-on-one setting was having the opportunity to make small adjustments on her, and get bits of feedback while she was in poses. It felt very personalized and fun. We laughed too, which totally dissolved all my nervousness away. This is something that makes me feel even more drawn to doing privates. It was nice to focus soley on her needs and get in tune with her. My favorite part was putting her in a restorative form of Vipariti Kirani (legs up the wall), and it was so beautiful to see her so relaxed and cozy. I felt so much gratitude in my heart afterwards for her time, her trust, and her honesty. What a beautiful Sunday.

Some things I felt: serene, comfortable, silly, focused, playful, intuitive, and creative.



One Response to “First Private”

  1. leili Says:

    Wonderful, Sierra! :]

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