Without in 2011

December 18, 2010

By David Plant

Prompt:What can I do without in 2011?

My teacher has been posting these Prompts that are just wonderful little ways to inspire writing. My friend was mentioning this particular prompt in class today and it stuck with me. Usually we are asked what we want for Christmas, and what we want in the New Year, but honestly simplicity is a beautiful thing. This is what I have been pondering. It all seems so normal, but undoubtedly overused in 2010 by me.

My List of the 12 Things I Can Live Without In 2011
1. Negativity
2. Excuses to not do things that are good for me
3. Procrastination- especially thinking I will do it later…I rarely did!
4. Car Trouble
5. Forgetfulness
6. Limiting thoughts/actions/what I think I know
7. Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Headaches
8. Drama at work
9. The need to give advice
10. Confusion
11. Clutter-in my head, in my classroom, in my house
12. Impatience


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  1. pauldevoto Says:

    13. Paul’s Opinions

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