November 6, 2010

Today listening to Tracy talk about Ayurveda was awesome. I really love learning about stuff like this. I seriously have like 3 books about it on the shelf, but the time I make to read it is slim. I just need to take classes instead of thinking that “one day” i will have the time.
I look forward to putting some of the Ayurveda practice to practice.

Some things I learned tonight that I want to start doing to balance myself:
-Try eating meat once a day- co-op grass fed meat- just to see if it makes a difference in my mind and body.
-Buy some Royal Jelly to take on lunch breaks to combat the tiredness I feel midday
-Make green drinks with Vita Mineral Green for lunch with a cheese, avocado, tomato and mayo sandwich.
-Feel good about drinking my glass of red wine, or dark beer at night- I don’t need to feel guilty about this.
-Oil up- put oil in my smoothie, on my face at night (buy sesame oil), and on my joints every day
-Start thinking about balance oppose to finding ‘the perfect this, or the ideal that’. Can I sit with what is and be a peace? True peace comes from within, not in the outer. I like how she said “There could be bombs going off behind me, and all I have is water to drink, and I am still the same inside- at peace.
-Meditate everyday-no excuses
-Stay warm in the morning with my practice-make sure I am warm
-Put warm stuff in my salad like rice, pepper flakes, warm pears
-Cook pears and apples
-Seated supported Badokanasana during naps
Things to consider
-Like attract like- hot day plus hot yoga equals hotter- hot pitta isnt balanced
Cold salad on a cold day equals cold vata- cold vata is unbalanced
This can be applied to anything…the season, the tempurature, the body, the dosha
How do I know this is a legit practice?
I trust Michelle. I trusted Tracy, even though I only just met her. She seemed knowledgeable and sweet.

Traci spoke of her teacher who had been passed down this tradition of Ayurveda through 700 years. Pretty amazing if you ask me, but if you think about traditions, and how they have held up in our culture…Grandma Betty and the almond in the pudding…or putting up a christmas tree, eating turkey on Thanksgiving, opening presents on Christmas and Birthdays, putting out stockings on Christmas Eve, drinking egg nog, making certain recipes like fruit cake, wearing wedding bands, or even wearing white to a wedding..these too are traditions passed down through generations, so I don’t think its unfathomable that this would be possible. Im just saying that to combat the naysayers out there thinking…”there is no way”

How could you pose this idea of health to someone with no knowledge on the subject?
Ayurveda is recognized by the world health organization as the longest continually practiced form of health care.
It’s a 5000 year old “science of life”.
it encompasses all areas of life and is the art of living in harmony with nature.
Ayurveda is focused solely on balancing the doshas, named vata, pitta and kapha, to create health and vitality through the use of lifestyle changes, dietary changes and panchakarma- purifyication of the body. Ayurvedic medicine encompasses herbs, natural remedies, massage and various forms of body care aimed at bringing balance to body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda does not rule out western medicine entirely, but does focus on natural remedies. Ayurveda believes that all forms of healing have value.
The different doshas depend on your energy levels, your body, skin and hair type, your cravings, and the tendencies you have in work, sleep and mobility. These tend to change throughout our life, but also stay the same. The goal of Ayurveda is to balance and be aware of how your body reacts to certain foods, times of day, seasons, and situations. The goal is balance, not perfection.


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