UNITY…and finding my words

September 13, 2010

This morning I woke up and read a beautiful chapter on Connectedness in Judith Lasater’s “Living Your Yoga”. I decided to make my mantra today, “I am focusing on how we are connected, not how we are separate”. This is something else I am working on. I don’t want to focus on what separates me from others, I want to pour out acceptance and create unity with all those around me. I know I am very sensitive when I feel ignored, judged, and pushed to the side because I don’t fit in, or don’t say the right things, and I want to make it my intention to NEVER do this to others. I want to make others feel connected to me Even if it’s with a warm smile, or the acknowledgment that they are in the room.

I posted this video for two reasons. One because I just love this song, and every time I hear it on my iPod in the morning, it just starts my day off right. And the second reason is because this video is so real. I love how Matisyahu forgets the lyrics and is just so there, in that moment, in front of all those people, and just has the space to be himself, without his words. I have these moments too often, it seems, and I want to feel that peace when I can’t find my words, and have confidence that it’s o.k., I will find them even if I have to hum a little.


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