The Work

September 9, 2010

Ever since the Chakra workshop almost a month ago, I have had all these happenings surrounding my Root Chakra. I’ve been going through a lot internally that I have a hard time explaining, and this weekend I came into contact with a few people including one amazing woman while I was hanging out with my friends from Alma Desnuda. The woman’s name is Denise, and she was giving body work to my four amazing friends in the middle of McKinley park on Saturday after they played a concert for yogis. They were all talking about this Cranial-Sacral type of work she’s been giving them.  I was immediately drawn to it since it had something to do with the sacrum-root chakra. After she worked for about 5 hours, giving each one a massage along with this special body work, she still had the energy to come hang out at my pool with everyone including her 3 kids and husband-talk about an energetic woman. We got to talk a little about my experiences in the past few weeks, in addition to the yoga training, and she asked me if she could work on me. Now, I recognize this part of me that felt like I couldn’t accept this as a gift, but she insisted and I felt a push from the universe to accept her offer. I was so excited. She came over to my house and simply laid her hands on certain places on my body for an hour. I felt tingles, heat, wrapped up in a magical blanket, and pressure on places she wasn’t even touching. It was very real. Afterwards we talked about my experience and then about hers.  She said that the right energy side of me is dominant, and that it completely takes over in a masculine way(that’s not good, and I see how that is true-I am very creative, sensitive and emotional, but my logical side is lacking a lot). She said she couldn’t feel anything in my left side-she was ‘stumped'(which is just as bad as when a dentist says “Uh-Oh”, but it was almost good to hear that something was out of whack, and can be fixed-thank GOD). I also felt some pressure around my neck when her hands were on my sacral area, and she said that was probably associated with having a umbelical cord wrapped around my neck when I was born. This part brought back the visions and conversations I had during the chakra workshop when I saw navy blue too. She agreed with me that this may be why I stumble over my words, and have fear around speaking at times…especially if criticism is involved. This is a BIG deal to me, and something I have felt stumped with working on.

After that I ended up having another syncretistic conversation with a friend about my voice, and using it to sing again. I have been singing since I was 5, on stage, and/or acting till I was 18. I have been in 2 bands for over 3 years, and during a sudden change at 18, all that ended when I left the church I attended, along with the religion. Music has always been a passion of mine, and I have this feeling that singing may be a healing answer for me, but I am still wondering how…when…


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