My Thoracic Spine

September 1, 2010

My Thoracic Spine…coming out
Ever since Sunday’s mind blowing adjustment of my cobra, I have been dedicated (with ahimsa)to overcome my slouchy posture.The past few mornings, I have woken up and practiced lying in constructive rest with a pillow under my upper back between my shoulder-blades, like I read in the article to do to help with the thoracic spine. I stayed there for about 5 minutes, not completely still, but comfortable. I also have been practicing low cobra like I was taught by Lisa in Anatomy class. I still can’t believe what a difference all my poses have been since this course, and learning that my Cobra was all wrong was CrAzY!. I know that my posture could use work, so I am doing some things to hopefully correct that in my practice and daily life. Having good posture is important to me. I feel like it exudes a certain confidence and grace.
Throughout the day, I have also been pulling an imaginary string up from my heart to open my back up. I am remembering what all the women in my YTT said along with Lisa about not tucking my tail, but reaching through the top of my head, releasing my shoulders out and down and opening up my upper back, leaving my lower back alone. I am trying to use these cues in all my poses, and when I am just walking around. I wonder what the women at work think sometimes because I am sure they see me and think I am a little kooky. Oh well! Im more than happy to explain it.


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