First post

July 27, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the home of my musings and adventures of becoming a yoga teacher. My name is Sierra, and I am starting this blog as a part of my Yoga Teacher Training Program through It’s All Yoga in Sacramento. I am 29, and I have lived here in Sacramento for a little over 4 years now. I am currently a preschool teacher; I teach 4-5 years-old’s at a private school. I am engaged to a wonderful man, and we are planning on getting married next summer. My greatest passions are my yoga practice, creating art, working on my relationships, and living a healthy lifestyle. I love being outside and listening to music (preferably both at the same time-Strawberry Music Festival/Power 2 the Peaceful). My dream is to one day become a mom, pour my heart into my art and yoga practice, be able to work from home and be a yoga instructor. I have known, since I took my first few yoga classes about 6 years ago, that I would someday become a teacher. The grace, the peace, the candles and the essential oils; this was all so wonderful to me. I thought, “Man, I could really get into this! How cool would it be if this was my life’s work.” Ever since, I have been daydreaming, wishing and hoping for something fitting to come along, and now 6 years later, one simple conversation with a fellow yogi nudged me gently into this program.for years I have been saying that I wanted to become a yoga teacher, but I always made excuses like “Im not ready-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially…,” or, “I will do it after I have my kids”.  I realized a few weeks ago that I was tired of hearing myself say “someday…”, and I decided that the time is now, and there is no better time than now. So here I am. I am finally doing it.  HOOrAY! I am grateful to those who have been encouraging me to do this for so many years and most of all to my partner and Michelle who are helping me make it work financially. I am also grateful to my boss giving me the days off to go on Fridays. Thank You, Thank You! And, to all who read, comment and contribute to this blog, thank you in advance for you support. So now, I am crossing my peace fingers that all my great experiences, feelings and inspirations will effortlessly, and clearly flow onto these pages. How exciting. It’s all happening! Namaste


3 Responses to “First post”

  1. blogasana Says:

    wonderful to “see” you here, sierra! welcome!!


  2. you have so much to offer my darling little Sierra. your heart is as vast as your namesake. i am so looking forward to watching you find your voice as you follow the path before you!

  3. nichole Says:

    i am elated to see you on this journey!

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